Where do you take pictures?

I prefer outdoor preferably in a natural area. I also love gritty, urban areas such as Old Town in Wichita or alleys. It is exciting to find new locations and am open to any visions or suggestions. I have a small studio also that I can use for individuals, newborns or small groups. If the weather is nice, I may also include my backyard pond area.

What is the best way to contact you?

I always love to chat with you personally if possible to make sure I know what your needs may be. You can call me at 620.217.9090 or use one of the methods below.

  • Contact me through this website using the Contact tab
  • Email me at pamweaverphoto@gmail.com
  • Instagram: Pam Weaver Photo
  • Facebook: Pam Weaver Photography

When will I see my images?

It will take me approximately a week to edit your images. A sneak peek will be posted on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter within the first day. If you will accept a friend request, I will tag you in them.

How will I receive my images?

I will email a link to directly download images through your online gallery. I recommend you save them on a flashdrive or other media in case your files get accidently deleted on your device. I can also provide a CD if you prefer one. Your email will also include a photographer’s release to print or share your images. In addition, your images will be uploaded directly to a professional lab. They are high quality, very quick and reasonable. You can use this link to order directly from them without needing to upload your files.

Will I receive a photographer’s release?

Yes. One will be emailed to you.

Can I share my pictures through social media or with others?

Absolutely. If you want to give me credit on social media, I would appreciate it but it isn’t required. You can also give your links to others, allowing them to download, share or print. You may need to email the photographer’s release if they are printing other than through me.

Does it matter where I order pictures?

In a word, YES!  Color varies depending on the lab and product you choose. For best quality, I strongly recommend getting them from an online professional lab or a professional print shop. I discourage using a big box store such as Walgreens or Walmart as their color/quality/sharpness is not reliable. If you choose to use them, I can’t be responsible for the quality/color you receive.

Can I order pictures/products through you?

Of course you can! My prices are listed under the Investment tab on my website. You may order prints directly through the online gallery link or you can call me. I think you will find my prices to be reasonable. In addition to prints, I offer photo books, canvas, thin wraps, standouts and the new metal aluminum prints.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

If you order through the online gallery, there is no minimum. If you order through me, I require a $25 minimum to allow for shipping costs.

Do you take wedding pictures?

Not at this time. I take most everything else though including seniors, newborn, children, families, engagement, maternity, headshots and other portraits. I also enjoy sports photography.


Any more questions?? Just contact me. I would love to talk with you.